Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Is Sex ...ETC...?

There is a lot to say about sex, sex is why the world go round, not money. Think closely and logically, without sex/intercourse/mating, there would be no people. If there are no people, there would be no money. If there is no money, there would not be a thing called "Money Makes The World Go Round!"
Do I have your attention now? Haha! Now Let me get this straight, sex is not all about pleasure and fun, it is also about 'well-being.' Here are the reasons why it does:

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1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests have shown that a woman who has sexual relations produces big amounts of estrogen which makes hair shiny and soft.

2. To make love in soft and relaxed way reduces the possibilities of suffering from dermatitis and acne. The sweat produced cleans pores and makes the skin shine.

3. To make love allows to burn all the calories accumulate is this romantic love scene.
4. Sex is one of the safest sports. It strengthens and tonifies all body muscles. It is more enjoyabel than doing 20 lapses in the pool. And you don ' t need special shoes!

5. Sex is an instantaneous cure against depression. It frees endorphines in the blood flow, creating a state of euphoria and leaves us with a feeling of well-being.

6. The more we make love, the more we have the capacity to do more. A body sexually active releases a higher amount of pheromone. This subtle aroma excites the opposite sex !

7. Sex is the safest tranquiliser in the world. IT IS 10 TIMES MORE EFFICIENT THAN VALIUM.

8. To kiss everyday allows to avoid the dentist. Kisses aid saliva in cleaning teeths and lower the quantity of acids causing enamel weakening.

9. Sex relieves headaches. Each time we make love, it releases the tension in brain veins.
10. To make love a lot can heal a nasal congestion. Sex is a natural antihistaminic. It helps fight asthma and spring allergies.

Now there are the things that you need to know about the benefits of having sex. Grow young and healthy.

inspired by Kenneth Arvell Auman

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Self Care for Health and Stress Management

Many of us have so many responsibilities in life that we forget to take care of ourselves. And while it’s hard to prioritize something like taking a bath when you have so many other priorities in life, self care is an important aspect of stress management. check out Make Me a Beauty facebook page
be beautiful
Being an engineer, apart from the papers, emails, projects, accountabilities, chicks, and coffee, stress is my daily work. It is one of those daily dose I get for being good. Damn!
That is were a lot of people make money of, psychologists, therapists, and even nutritionists can be consulted for stress management and getting healthy. The consultations that we do pays, and that adds up to another stress.
Stress stress stress alright!
So here are some point that we can do to manage stress visit the page and live a healthy life

1. Your Physical Health:
Improvements in overall health the way healthy diet and exercise will do. The relaxation you get from it can trigger the relaxation response, which can prevent chronic stress from damaging your health, so in a sense, self-care is good for you inside and out.
2. Your Emotional Health:
Taking time out to care for yourself can remind you and others that you and your needs are important, too. Having a well-cared-for body can make you feel good about yourself and your life, and conveys to others that you value yourself. This can contribute to long-term feelings of wellbeing.
3. Your a Better Caretaker:
People who neglect their own needs and forget to nurture themselves are at danger of deeper levels of unhappiness, low self-esteem and feelings of resentment. Taking time to care for yourself regularly can make you a better caretaker for others.
4. A Break from Stress:
Taking a break amidst a tub of warm bubbles or under the warm hands of an experienced masseuse can help you feel like you’re escaping a stressful reality and taking a mental and emotional vacation.
5. Time Alone: 
While different people have varying degrees of introversion and extroversion, having some time along is important for most people’s functioning. When you’re relaxing by yourself, it’s much easier to slip into a state of quiet meditation, enjoy some self-reflection, or let your problems work themselves out in the back of your mind, without taking all of your focused concentration.
6. Soothing Feelings:
Giving your body some special treatment is a natural way to relieve stress. Other than keeping your skin soft and your body in good repair, spa-related activities like massage and warm baths have been known to sooth even small colicky babies like nothing else. Such activities continue to be effective tools for relaxation as we get older, but we sometimes forget to utilize them.
  • Take a Bath: Get out the bubbles, oils and scented soaps, and soak until you’re wrinkled.
  • Deep-Condition Your Hair: While you’re in the tub, put on a deep-conditioning treatment for your hair, and let it work as you relax.
  • Deep-Clean Your Pores: With a nice clay masque, you can draw impurities out of your skin and stress out of your system.
  • Care For Your Feet: After you soak your feet to soften calloused skin, use a pumice stone to slough off dead skin, and finish with a rich foot cream, and perhaps polish.
  • Nourish Your Skin: Rich, luxurious creams smell wonderful and feel smooth, especially if you exfoliate your skin in the tub before putting them on.
  • Tend to Your Nails: Correct the beating your nails probably take from your busy life (especially for those of you who bite your nails!) by filing and buffing.
  • Get a Massage: This one can be especially nice. If your budget doesn’t allow for regular massages with a professional, see if you can trade with a friend or your spouse, or use an electronic massager.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to Be Beautiful - wikiHow

As an engineer, I am very detailed specially on documentation. I scrutinize a lot on every detail. There should be no ambiguity and vagueness. One of this documents that needs to be very clear, specific, bounded, and realistic is "How To's" documents.
Wow! This how to Be Beutiful Wiki really is a good one.
It listed 5 wonderful steps, check it out.
1. Seek beauty around you. - Try to understand what makes them beautiful to youThey may not be beautiful to others, but that's why beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
2. Recognize the beauty in yourself. - Look in the mirror and search for beauty. Maybe you have smooth, well-proportioned hands, or a flawless forehead, or perfectly-shaped shoulders. Whatever it is, it's yours--revel in it.
3. Enhance your physical beauty. - There are millions of ways to emphasizing those features in you that are already beautiful. The important thing is to experiment with accentuating that beauty until you can look at your reflection and feel like you've given your beauty the representation it deserves.
4. Develop your inner beauty. - There are plenty of so-called beautiful people out there who lie, cheat, steal, and even kill. You can be beautiful both on the inside and on the outside.
5. Create beauty outside of yourself. - Art is a very popular emulation of beauty, but it's possible to inject beauty into everything you do (your work, how you interact with people, and the way you decorate your room, for example)

BioPhotonic Scanner

In the body, a comprehensive network of antioxidants works together in synergy to afford effective protection from free radical damage.
This is an amazing electronic breakthrough.

The Biophotonic Scanner measures the level of carotenoid antioxidants in the skin. The level of skin carotenoids is a reflection of carotenoids in the body which is the strength of your body's antioxidant defense system. The antioxidant defense system consists of both intrinsic and extrinsic antioxidants. Intrinsic antioxidants are made in the body, often from nutrients we obtain in our diet. Extrinsic antioxidants can not be made by our body and so must be obtained from our diet.
Pharmanex® scientists collaborated with three major universities on this groundbreaking research which studied over 300 healthy subjects.

The Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner provides a personalized, scientifically validated measurement of how diet and supplementation is protecting a person's cells and overall nutritional health.
The scanner was developed by Dr. Werner Gellermann from the University of Utah, Department of Physics, and several collaborators from the University's School of Medicine.

"In accordance with the Pharmanex 6S process, the BioScan technology is substantiated with both independent and Pharmanex sponsored research. Scientific reviews of the technology and application to measure skin carotenoids were published by Hata et al. (J. Invest. Dermatology 155:441-448, 2000) and Gellermann et al.(Optics Letters 26:1179-1181, 2001)." click here for more.

"Lasers are steering the future," says the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS). check the whole story here

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jaguar XJL Supercharged Neiman Marcus Edition - Pictures

Jaguar XJL Supercharged Neiman Marcus Edition - Pictures
jaguar xjl supercharged neiman marcus edition
Damn Nice!

Take a look at my future car.
Gotta Have this men. rrrrr..
For the third straight year, Neiman Marcus will feature a limited edition 2010Jaguar XJL Supercharged Neiman Marcus Edition on their upcoming Christmas Book. From what we’ve heard, the department store chain has about 50 of these limited ed cars for sale to those who may want to spend their entire Christmas bonus – perhaps even more than that – on a 5.0-liter V8 Jaguar XJ.